Reports in China: Progress or Greenwashing?

“Corporate Social Responsibility” Reports in China: Progress or Greenwashing?

Over the past decade, an increasing number of Chinese companies have begun to produce corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports. Whether that’s led to more sustainable business practices is an open question.

In 2006, State Grid was the only company in China to file a CSR report. In 2012, 1,722 Chinese companies filed CSR reports, according to a study by Syntao, a sustainability consultant. Indeed, almost a quarter of large state-owned enterprises in China filed CSR reports last year.

In theory, the purpose of CSR reports is to share information about a business’s social and environmental impact with the public. Ideally, the publication of such china credit report leads to enhanced awareness, better monitoring practices, and action to curb detrimental occurrences.

Yet while some Chinese companies have received international recognition for enhanced CSR reporting, it’s not clear the trend has translated broadly into more socially and environmentally sound policies. As Chris Marquis, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, and Yang Chen, an associate professor at Shanghai Maritime University, wrote on Dec. 5 in the online magazine Chinadialogue, “some of the same companies that were lauded for their reporting work were not necessarily following through with more responsible actions in the rest of their enterprises.”

Marquis and Yang pointed to several examples, including Baogang Group, a steel company in Inner Mongolia. The company “claims to have invested tens of millions of dollars a year in environmental protection and waste processing, and has also been recognised for its CSR and sustainability activities,” the researchers write. However, earlier this year pollution from Baogang’s facilities near the village of Dalahai was linked to “unusually high rates of cancer, along with high rates of osteoporosis and skin and respiratory diseases, and the radiation levels are ten times higher than in the surrounding countryside.” Obviously, not a sign of its commitment to principle.

At the very least, some Chinese authorities appear to have embraced the concept of corporate responsibility. In November, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released a blue book, or official report, on the state of CSR in China, which recommended improved reporting guidelines. Currently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange offers training on data collection and corporate reporting methods. That makes smart business sense, as unsustainable practices may prove a future liability to growth. Even smog-choked China is looking for ways to clean up.

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Can I use an electric scooter in the rain?

Of course,you can.

How to ride your E-scooter in the rain?

The rainy season is here and it is pouring like cats and dogs. Most of the e-scooter drivers have this one common question in their mind and that is how to ride the e-scooter in the rain? Well, it is a valid question and today we are going to find the best answer to it. One of the main reasons why people feel afraid to drive the electric scooter in the rain is because they think that they might get an electric shock. But in actual e-scooters are perfectly safe even when it is raining.

When should you not ride the E-scooter in the rain?

The foremost important point to keep in mind is to make sure that you should never drive the electrical scooter when the visibility is less. If it is a light rain, then there is no problem but if there is a torrential downpour happening, then you should not venture outside on an e-scooter. Lack of visibility can prove to be quite harmful and hence you should make sure that proper care is being taken during heavy rains.
You should also make it a point that if there is a freezing rain happening then also you should avoid driving the e-scooter. If there are snow and rain happening then, there are chances that the tyres may slip.
Excessive rain may cause the chrome on the electric scooter to turn into rust. Excess of moisture may dampen the chrome plating. Typically, this happens if the chrome plating is of low Hence, you should always make sure that high-quality electric scooter is bought and that you can only get from reputed suppliers.

Never drive through standing water

If you see knee deep water on the road, then you should immediately stop. This stagnant water may get into the scooter and can cause extensive damage to the delicate parts. Moreover, water may lead to soil getting soft and your electric scooter can get stuck in the mud and it becomes difficult for you to get if struck.
You should keep this important thing in your mind and that is to make sure that you drive the scooter at a slow speed. Driving at high speed may cause slippages and may result into
Always wear a safety helmet while riding an electric scooter. Though these scooters can only attain a maximum speed up to 30 mph, but this much speed can prove to be deadly during rainy Hence, controlled and slow speed should always be your first priority.
Finally, never let your kids drive electric scooters on their own during the rainy It is for their safety and you must tell them to avoid driving electric scooters on their own during rains.

The real idea behind driving electric scooter is to enjoy the ride and you can only enjoy your ride by staying safe and by following all the safety precautions. Make sure to follow the points mentioned above so that you can stay safe and also enjoy the rainy season on your e-scooter.


Verify and evaluate suppliers in China!

In an earlier video, we talked about how to narrow down a list of potential suppliers to a select group of highly qualified candidates.

Now go ahead and contact this short list. This starts the RFQ (request for quotation) phase. The feedback from this initial contact should allow you to further narrow down the list to the top 2 or 3 based on pricing and non-price attributes.

The next step is to validate if the suppliers are legit. In my opinion there are two essential types of verification.

Type One is the Factory Audit. This is to verify that the supplier has a quality control system in place and they have the production experience to supply you with the goods they say they can make for you.

Type Two is an Operational Audit or Due Diligence. This is to confirm that the supplier has a good reputation and is financially strong enough to stay in business long enough to complete your order. In other words, they are not likely to disappear with your initial payment.

There are professional service providers available who conduct these types of verification at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend you engage professional support if you don’t have the skill set in-house to audit factories in China on your own. Contact me and I would be happy to recommend the 3rd parties I use for verification. But for your reference, here are some other tools you can use on your own or in conjunction with those 3rd parties.

It doesn’t cost you anything to ask for references. If a supplier can’t give you a few happy clients to visit with…this is a big red flag.

Confirm that you have the right to visit the production line and check on your order. If they come up with a bunch of excuses why you can’t visit, it either means they don’t have the ability to produce your product and are scared that you won’t like what you see if you visit or it could be as simple as that they are a trading company and worried you will cut them out of the supply chain once you realize they provide little value. Speaking of trading companies, sometimes, especially if your order is small, it makes sense to use them, but I hate trading companies that say they are the factory when really they are just brokers.

Ask to see the suppliers Quality Control Manual. If they don’t have an ISO compliant, written quality management system…run away. If you want to see what a Product Quality Manual looks like, you can check out china company verification at the link below:

Having verified that your suppliers are legit, the next step, and our next video, deals with negotiating the price and then moving into production.On that note, as always, I sign off-wishing you successful sourcing in China! And if you found the information in this video useful, consider returning the favor: subscribe to my YouTube channel, hit the “like it” button and post some comments. Or check out my blogs and monthly newsletter. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Linkedin, find me at the China Sourcing Academy or visit my company’s website.

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Why Buy a Balance Scooter?

When I look back at my own childhood it felt like I was out riding a bike from a very early age. So when I tried to teach my own children at about age 4 I was quite deflated when it just didn’t happen for them.

Even with stabilisers on they seemed to tip up on every corner (and going over on stabilisers is far worse than without if you’ve ever seen it!).  Some kids just don’t have the balance at that age. But in fact, when I spoke to my parents about it, turns out I didn’t actually start riding a bike until I was 7!

Many parents, myself included, all seem to want their kids to be much more able at an early age these days. Perhaps it’s a little bit of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ kid’s next door’ who were crawling first, walking first and scootering down to the shops by age 2!

Talking with other parents, one tip I did pick up which seems to make a lot of sense (and I wish I’d known about earlier) is to help them balance first, then add pedals later.  And it’s that idea which led to the creation and subsequent surge in demand for balance bikes.

From the basic cheap plastic ride on’s, to themed character ones, to real quality models crafted well enough to be handed down through the family, balance bikes are a fabulous way to get your kids starting to understand seated balancing whilst on wheels BEFORE having to think about (or have their ankles shredded by!) pedals.

In fact, with my second child I actually ditched the stabilisers half way in and went right back to basics with a borrowed balance bike.  I was amazed at how quickly my son’s confidence grew as he wobbled down the slight incline outside our house (and actually had a smile on his face, rather than the look of sheer panic!)

These beautiful balance bikes are of the utmost quality and are actually 3 bikes in one, which is great as we admit that they are not cheap!  However, if you have more than one child or plan to sell on after use, all Wishbone products are made with superb craftsmanship that will last and last.  Part of their desire is that the bikes start life as a trike so can be used from a really early age.  The three wheeler bike can then simply adjusted to a 2 wheel balance scooter and again converted to make a higher ride position for older children.

I only wish I had this product in the warehouse when my kids were younger!  They both mastered it in the end… but I’m sure I have a few more grey hairs as a result!!!


Practical guide on how to verify chinese company

Thanks to ecommerce, companies in US are able to sell products/service to China, a country you have not yet visited, you don’t speak the language, you are not aware if the legal systems are similar, you don’t know and don’t have the resource to know if the counterpart Chinese companies are real.

So we face a question: How can I check Chinese company? How to check the legitimacy of your Chinese buyers/partners? Are they a real company.

Some facts:

China don’t have a organization like BBB(Better Business Bureau) in US, where you could check the legitimacy and background of a Chinese company.

Chinese administration of industry and commerce is the governing body that in charge of company registration. However, they don’t have a nationwide website or database system that open to public to inquiry the authentication of Chinese companies.

Sourcing China blog recently published an excellent article, sharing how to make china company verification without visiting their premise. Here are some tips on their blog:

1) Do they have company bank account

Only legally incorporated companies can have business bank account. If the Chinese company insist you to pay their personal account only, be cautious.

2) Visit local AIC websites

Even though the national AIC don’t have a nationwide system allow you to check the legitimacy of Chinese company. However, some(not a lot) local AIC do allow you to use their websites to check the legitimacy of Chinese company.

3) Websites and Email

If they don’t have websites, use public email account like 163, sohu, sina, it is negative.

4) Hongkong offshore company

Be cautions doing business with Hongkong company, but operates only in mainland China. They are shell company. Read this article to learn the risk.

China Checkup offers a wide range of convenient and affordable company verification and certificate verification services that greatly simplifies the process of verifying a Chinese company.Do you have other tips for verifying a Chinese company’s legitimacy?

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The all Electric Hovering self balance scooter

A new site can be seen in towns and cities all over the world at the moment in the form of small electric scooters being used as personal transportation devices. People are finding that a balance scooter in the perfect way to get around quickly and easily.

The new electric scooters have a unique, new and small design which means they can ‘hover’ a person along a pavement, down a road or path and work both indoors and outdoors.

The electric scooter fad has become apparent after a number of celebrities and online bloggers and youtube stars began using the escooters to get around. Unlike other scooters they do not have handlebars and rely on the balance and ingenuity of the person riding the escooter.

An electronic gyroscope inside the scooter means it will balance automatically whenever a person places two feet on it. Unlike previous similar transportation devices like the Segway, Unicycles, Push scooters an electronic self balancing scooter only requires you to tilt your feet and body in the direction you wish to travel. The pivoting self balancing electric scooter

can then work out which direction you wish to go and send you in that direction using built in motors connected to each wheel.

The battery life of an self balancing electric scooter is outstanding allow somebody to travel around 22KM without needing a recharge. The electronic scooter we tested was certified for use in wet weather. Every 2 wheel self balancing scooter is strongly deisigned and constructed meaning in can withstand the bumps and knocks of travelling around a busy town or city.

If you don’t want to spend each day on a self balancing unicycle then battery powered motorized scooters look like the perfect way to get around.

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Mexico leader celebrates education reform victory

President Enrique Pena Nieto used his first state-of-the-nation address Monday to push an aggressive reform agenda that seemed to be on the ropes last week, as protesting teachers attempted to block his plan for mandatory evaluations.Pena Nieto opened the speech praising a midnight vote by the lower house of Congress to set up a competitive examination system for hiring teachers and to require them to pass regular evaluations in order to remain in the classroom.

The education bill still must be approved by the Senate, and protesting teachers who blocked Mexico City’s main freeway and access to its airport last week continue to occupy the capital’s main plaza.”Resistance is a natural consequence when you are pushing a transformation,” he said of the protesters, who also caused him to change the date and location of his speech. “Our dilemma had been whether to continue to stagnate or to allow the state to recover the leadership and transform and improve the quality of education.”

Touting accomplishments in other fields, Pena Nieto reported a significant drop in murders and drug-related killings since he took office, though many doubt those statistics. He said the government had captured 65 of 122 most-wanted criminals in the last nine months, though that list has never been made public.And he garnered applause with a stern message to the many vigilante groups that have taken up arms against drug cartels and legal authorities alike: “We will not tolerate anyone who tries to mete out justice through their own means.”

Pena Nieto came to office with a lot of swagger and an aggressive agenda, with many saying his Institutional Revolutionary Party, for all its faults, knew how to govern. He promised to make Mexico an economic powerhouse, overcoming its image as a violence-torn land overrun by drug traffickers.

He passed radical reforms for education and telecommunications, but the battle over just how the education law will be applied has threatened to undermine his plans to overhaul the tax system and Indoor Positioning System.Both are controversial. Allowing greater private involvement to revitalize the moribund state-owned oil company has run into opposition from nationalists. And many oppose a plan for adding sales taxes on food and medicine.

With economic growth projections cut nearly in half and streets clogged with anti-reform protesters, some questioned if Pena Nieto had taken on too much at once.”Mexico has a great opportunity to make fundamental, structural changes to take advantage of its riches and potential,” he responded in the speech. “For that reason, the government has decided to take on multiple challenges at the same time.”

He put a positive spin on one of the biggest setbacks of his administration so far: a drop in projections for GDP growth this year to 1.8 percent from an earlier forecast of 3.1 percent.Pena Nieto called the Mexican economy “stable, competitive and open to the rest of the world,” adding, “This should reflect itself in the pockets of all Mexicans.”

The education bill calls for mandatory assessment of teachers to maintain their jobs and to receive promotions. Teachers can inherit their positions under the current system.Political scientist Luis Miguel Perez called passage of the measure a “respite” for the Pena Nieto government.

“They’re discovering that there’s much bigger resistance then they anticipated,” said Perez of the Technological Institute of Monterrey. “There are forces much more active than they imagined.”The bill approved by the House of Deputies is a slightly weakened version of Pena Nieto’s proposal, which sought to reassert government control over an education system where hiring and promotion was almost entirely in the hands of teachers unions.

The reform sets up a competitive examination system for hiring and requires teachers to pass regular evaluations in order to remain in the classroom.”We categorically reject this (state-of-the-nation) report, which is full of lies and deceit and that contains a great deal of authoritarianism,” said Juan Melchor Roman, a teacher from the western state of Michoacan, who has been camping out along with thousands of other teachers in the city’s main square since last two weeks.

Melchor Roman said they plan to continue protesting the bill, which is expected to be voted on by the Senate on Tuesday.But last-minute concessions to a dissident teachers union reserves new positions for graduates of union-controlled teacher training schools for the next two years and allows teachers who fail evaluations to file appeals through the existing civil service system.

The government proposal would have put the test-based hiring system in place immediately, and not allowed appeals after repeated failures of teacher evaluations.Independent education advocates praised the passage of the proposal as a good first step after decades of union control of the schools, but said the measure didn’t go far enough to establish a rigorous nationwide system of teacher training and promotion.

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